Let us take you on the most enjoyable fishing trip of your life. Explore the ancient splendor of one of the most scenic rivers in the world and arguably the best smallmouth bass fishing on the planet, as well as world class winter walleye action. These fish are willing and accessible to fly and lure anglers alike, and share the pools and riffles with the bruising, toothsome muskellunge.

Our desire is to provide a premium fishing trip with the finest guides and the best equipment available. From our ultimate Maravia river raft, to our first-class baits and tackle, everything we provide for you is designed to enhance your enjoyment of this fantastic fishery. All that is required of our guests is their presence and trust, and we guarantee a top-notch fishing trip that you will not forget. New River

With thirty years of river smallmouth experience, I know how to make your time with us nothing short of amazing. Whether you’re a novice or expert, we have the know-how to put you on the fish, and to do so in style. Get away from the rat race and treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime. We’ll be looking for you.

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